There and Back Again - an Australian Tale

There and Back Again - and Australian Tale

As of Friday, October 1st, 2010 I have officially been accepted to study abroad in Cairns, Australia. This program marks a new page being turned - another new start. I feel like my life is in need of some revamping and by traveling, submitting to my wanderlust, going somewhere new to learn new things in new ways - well, this trip is just billet I've been looking for. Come along and laugh at me, with me, or both as I prepare to tally forth, wander en and return from, the Land of Oz.

Australia's New National Animal

Australia's New National Animal
A Fez ?!

Monday, October 4, 2010

It's no better to be safe than sorry ... TAAAAAAAKE ONNN MEEEE, TAAAAAAAKE MEEE ONNNN

So – seeing as I hope this blog can be informative, as well as fun to read, I am going to try and outline (in no particularly organized way) some important things that come up as a student studying abroad/specifically in Australia each time I write. I mean, you can read my blog and find out from me and seem REALLY on top of things by copying me (or doing the exact opposite if I document an extreme case of slapping the cactus (define) [[while I have added this term to UD - it is actually the fail child of my dear friend Sarah]] ) … impress your parents and if you really don’t give a hoot about what they think at least it makes your life a little bit easier:

Number 1:

Within 3 days (max) of finding out about your acceptance (this is especially important if your hometown is far away or if your parents work and don’t have time to spend a few days hauling yourself and all your dorm shit home ….) you should find a good storage place nearby to pack your stuff away. I am going to Australia in Queensland … during their fall/winter season – it will NOT be getting cold so I am leaving all my winter clothing, room knick-knacks, desktop, etc at a Uhaul storage center.  It makes getting ready to go home for the winter less daunting because my whole room doesn’t have to be totally picked clean, brought home and stuffed in some musty corner of my house. You may even be able to split the cost with a friend who is also going abroad or who wants to leave their stuff there over the summer.

Number 2:

Write to any students who are abroad now, or at least get their names so you can facebook/email/write them – especially if they are part of your particular program. I had to choose between the Cairns and Townsville campuses of James Cook University so I did this early. It has already been wicked useful. Start asking questions, reach out for their advice and pick their brains about cool/fun/interesting things to do while you’re there – especially ask if they would have done something different if given the chance … learning from mistakes (even if they’re not your own) is a great tool.

Number 3:

 If you get a packet like I did (or even if you’re just instructed to go find it online/pick it up at the office) make sure you skim through it ASAP. There can be further paperwork due in the not very distant future … make sure you get er’ done. It would suck to get into the program only to find you can’t cross international boundaries because you don’t have the right health coverage or Identification Card

Number 4:

Did you have to get letters of reference, recommendation or evaluation from professors/employers/colleagues? If you were able to choose who it was that wrote your letter shoot them a thank you (phone call, email, in person, etc) – not only will they appreciate it but you will now know that these people actually had something good to say about you … graduation soon? Have an internship coming up you’d like to apply for? Now you know who to hit up for a letter (in fact they’ll love it because they already have a template for you that has worked!)

That’s 4 for today! Sweet! (It’s not 1:30 in the morning of a day when I have an 8:30 class)

Today was a pretty chill day … I got a 3.4 on a paper (woot!) and found my damn Global Studies book … Worldly Philosophers anyone? Anyone? No one here LOVES political-economic theory? Too bad, such a fun course (actually, besides the reading, its kinda a useful class … great one to take pre-study abroad if you get a chance – or even one about Race/Culture/Identity)

Its my roommate’s 1 year anniversary with her boyfriend today/tomorrow (5th) and I don’t want to wake her up seeing as she’s finally fallen asleep, having finally overcome her excited, zomg-wtf-santa-came-in-october kinda of energy ….

And speaking of energy, I’m going to need some energy to make tomorrow productive! The song/music video “Take on Me” by A-Ha has been stuck in my head, mercilessly, all day … go listen to it as you watch the video and proceed immediately afterward to do that which you are compelled to do ( laugh/dance/shimmy).

If you do something stupid I am OFFICIALLY stating now – I take no responsibility because I warned you not to … including but not limited to stealing a security gator as the campus rent-a-cops take their nightly rounds, go bungee jumping without a bungee, slap the person to your right ...

Until next time,

Sienna A. Shey

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