There and Back Again - an Australian Tale

There and Back Again - and Australian Tale

As of Friday, October 1st, 2010 I have officially been accepted to study abroad in Cairns, Australia. This program marks a new page being turned - another new start. I feel like my life is in need of some revamping and by traveling, submitting to my wanderlust, going somewhere new to learn new things in new ways - well, this trip is just billet I've been looking for. Come along and laugh at me, with me, or both as I prepare to tally forth, wander en and return from, the Land of Oz.

Australia's New National Animal

Australia's New National Animal
A Fez ?!

Monday, February 28, 2011

A Breif Interlude

Hello Everyone,

So if you have not heard the word (that bird is the word) this is just a brief post to let you know what is going on out here. I am sad to say that my dear Hard Drive passed away in the early morning of Tuesday last week. This grievous passing has also, unfortunately, rendered my laptop useless for the time being. I am trying to bring together my next post using a flash drive and a few scattered evenings in the 24-hour room but trying to bring the media and photographs into the blog as I normally would is a little difficult when you use a different computer every other free moment. So for now, hang on tight and a new post should be out soon (exciting!) - my trip out to Chillagoe was a lot of fun this past weekend and I finally saw a kangaroo!

But more on that later.

Exiting on the Rick Roll
Until Next Post,
~ S.S.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your hard drive. That really sucks!!!! Glad to hear that things are going well and you saw a kangaroo. I too have seen a kangaroo at Capron Park :) Let me know if you see a dingo. I did a report on them in the 6 grade.